Department of Internal medicine, Rheumatology and nephrology


A brief history

The Department of Internal Medicine No.1 was founded in 1962 through the efforts of the late professor, Doctor of medicine Roman Cosciug  who had led the Department for 25 years. From 1987 to 1990 it was led by the Associate Professor, Doctor of Medicine Vladimir Covnaţchi. From 1990 to 1997 the Head of the Department was the late Professor, Doctor of Medicine Vasile Cepoi.

From 1997 to present, the clinic is led by Professor, Doctor of Medicine, Liliana Groppa. Under her supervision, 16 PhD theses for MD and one thesis for PhD in medicine were approved. During these 16 years, the clinic has renewed its staff with young disciples from the State Medical Institute in Chisinau. The former residents: Larisa Rotaru, Agachi Svetlana, Elena Deseatnicova, Laura Vremiş, Eugeniu Russu, Chişlari Lia, Daniela Cepoi-Bulgac have become Assistant Professors and lecturers. During these years the postgraduate training in the Internal Medicine internists and other specialties has continued. Annually there are held continuous improvement cycles for over 650 doctors from all over the country. At the same time under the supervision of the medical clinic, the training for the residents in Internal medicine takes place. For the last 5 years all the analytical programs have been renewed, new courses have been proposed as well as a modification in the continuous improvement cycles for doctors was performed. The clinical base of the Department is situated in the MunicipalClinicalHospital “Holy Trinity”.

From the second half year of 2011 the Department assigned its second clinical base – The Republican Hospital. Since 2011, because of the reorganization of the clinical curriculum, it was called the Rheumatology and Nephrology Class of the Department of Internal Medicine. Starting this year, the class is responsible for the academic training of the fifth-year students (the Faculty of Medicine, the Nephrology and Rheumatology Module). In relation to that, the lectures, tests, notes and teaching equipment are performed in all four teaching languages Romanian, Russian, English, French that have been prepared and implemented in the curricula. Monthly, the clinic sessions of our scientific circle take place. Our staff has organized numerous scientific activities on the national and  international level (National conferences with international participation in 1999, 2002, 2011 and The Second Congress on Internal Medicine in 2007) that had renowned scientists as guests: J.Dequeqcer, E.L Nasonov, L.N. Denisov and others.

Our Clinic’s motto is to “Build and succeed”. We strive to keep the old traditions, introduce new traditions so as to pass them in their holiness on to the future generations